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Newhall Mansion Wedding

I recently phototgraphed a Newhall Mansion wedding in Piru California. The bride and groom – Lori and Paul wanted to create a special day at the Mansion for their friends and guests. The attention to detail was amazing.

The Newhall mansion was a very special place for the bride and groom due to their history in Piru The bride’s grandparents moved to Piru during the Great Depression and her father grew up and currently resides in the home he was raised in next to the mansion. Their family knew the Newhall’s and her dad actually watched the original mansion burn down in the 80’s while hosing off the roof of his own home so that it didn’t catch on fire. Paul and Lori both met in Piru, where his dad resides on a goat farm above the riverbed. The Newhall mansion (formerly known as  the Piru Mansion  in Piru CA)  has always been a symbol of their history and love for each other, being rebuilt and restored into what it is today. A truly symbolic venue for them and their special day!

The bride’s bouquet was handmade, with a Styrofoam ball, wooden dowels, burlap and brooches pinned on and glued. All the brooches were given to Lori as gifts, some were heirlooms and the photos of her parents and grandparents total 146 years of successful marriage.

The table  number markers made out of scrapbook paper, 99 Cent Store frames, hand cut cardboard letters painted and wrapped in wire taffeta and then glued on. The frames were painted with a darker acrylic brown and roughed up by hand with a swipe of sandpaper. Napkin rings made out of hand cut scrapbook paper flowers & leftover wire from a home wreath project taped and glued in circular shape. Chalkboard signage – made out of old, gifted and yard sale frames, painted, chalkboard paint and hand written w/a chalk pen. Some signage was embellished with moss leftover from pallet signage. All these details helped to embellish this Newhall Mansion wedding.

Other details included pallet signage, made with an old beat up pallets, cardboard arrows cut out and covered with scrapbook paper, letters on arrows were also made of cardboard, painted, wrapped with taffeta and glued on. Boutineer’s & Bridesmaid bouquets created by the bride from flowers purchased in Los Angeles garmet district.

Games include Jenga made out of wood purchased at Home Depot and a little sweet talking to an attendant to cut to size. Stained and painted with a gold paint pen. Scrabble was made by family friends and repainted myself to match pallet.

This article was originally published by WilliamInness.com – http://williaminnes.com/blog/newhall-mansion-wedding-2/

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