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  3. January 11, 2017

Check out the LUMIX GH5 at a dealer near you! **Updated Locations**

Just freshly announced! The #LUMIXGH5 will be at a store near you! Stop in to get hands on and have all your questions answered by our team of experts!

The #LUMIXGH5 roadshow will make the following stops throughout January 2017:

Adorama (NYC)- January 19th from 6PM-8PM

AbelCine (NYC) – January 20th from 9:30AM-12PM

Dury’s (Nashville) – January 20th from 5:30PM-7:30PM

Bergen County Camera (NJ) – January 21st from 11AM-3PM

B&H Photo (NYC) – January 22nd from 11AM-3PM

Hunts Photo (Boston) – January 23rd – 4PM-7PM

Rule Camera (Boston) – January 24th from 10AM-12:00PM

Glazers Camera (Seattle) – January 24rd from 12PM-5PM

Kenmore Camera (Seattle) – January 23th from 12PM-6PM

Samy’s Camera (LA) – January 24th from 12PM-5PM

Image One (LA) – January 25th from 10AM-1PM

Pauls Photo (LA) – January 25th from 3PM-6PM

Unique Photo (NJ) January 27th from 12PM-5PM

Precision Camera (ATX) January 27th from 4PM-7PM


** New Dates added below**

Pictureline (Salt Lake City) February 1st from 1PM-4PM

Pro Photo Supply (Portland) February 4th from 1PM-5PM

B&C Camera (Las Vegas) February 10th from 12PM-4PM


Links will be updated shortly for registration!


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  1. when in San Francisco

    1. Thanks for the interest! Keep checking back! We will be adding tour dates as we move closer to April!

  2. Miami????

  3. Come to Action Camera in Roseville Ca! Or Mikes Camera in Sacramento!

  4. So the Midwest isn’t big enough of a market… Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee… ??!!

  5. This is amazing cant wait to see you guys in jersey

  6. Is Panasonic Canada holding a similar roadshow? Thanks!

  7. Please let us know if it’s true that Pre-order includes V-LOG for free?
    In that case, how to proceed?


    1. US LUMIX Professional Dealers and Panasonic USA are NOT including V-Log L with Pre-orders. We understand that there has been some confusion online regarding this topic, and can only speak to the US market.

      1. ok, no V-Log then.
        Thank you.

  8. East Coast… West Coast… and Nashville??? What about Chicagoland???

  9. You need to add Dodds camera in Cleveland, Ohio to the list. This is the only camera store around where you can go in and put your hands on Panasonic ILC and lenses. They also are the first stop for local m43 renting.

  10. Bring one to ATL please!!!

  11. Can we visit headquarters in Newark to check it out? Been a pro user of GH3 and GH4 and just really want to see it before we do the reserve. The tour dates are a bit difficult right now.
    Local video company from Asbury Park

    1. Dan,

      We have two events in NJ planned for the next week or so. This Saturday (1/21) at Bergen County Camera, then 1/27 at Unique Photo. The GH5 will be on site for you to get some hands on with!

  12. You should send a GH5 to the Panasonic booth at the Meritt Island Birding Festival next week!

  13. Dodd Camera in Cleveland, YES

  14. When is it coming to Minnesota, to the twin cities Minneapolis/St Paul?

  15. Do you have any dates for Conway, AR or Little Rock, AR?

  16. How about Milwaukee,nobody carries your camera here

  17. No Chicago?

  18. Cinequipt in Minneapolis needs you.

  19. How about a stop in KC?

  20. Perhaps, somewhere in the Midwest like Chicago?

    Am I reading your comment correctly that the GH5 won’t be shipping until April?