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LUMIX Luminary Giulio Sciorio

The Panasonic LUMIX ZS100 is a camera I did not expect to like as much as I did, but it’s different camera full of welcome surprises. Rather than go over specs, I thought I’d do something hands on, taking the camera to NYC and doing what I do naturally – create work I’m proud to show.

Note: all images in this review were captured RAW+JPEG then processed from RAW in camera or are SOOC.

The Utility of Style

The first thing I noticed was the unique retroish quad toned camera. It’s a little like something from the early 90’s, but I found that it really worked. It works like this: the ZS100 in the version I have looks so non-threatening that no one is paying attention to you on the streets. That’s such a huge advantage to be able to blend in on the streets! After putting the camera in people’s faces, no one said anything. I added a little personalization with a Lance Camera Strap and a Manfrotto Pocket Tripod.

The utility of stealth in plane view is enhanced with AF that’s insanely fast. The autofocus on the LUMIX ZS100 is so fast I stopped thinking about it. That’s one less thing I have to consider while capturing what I see on the streets. I can’t recall the AF failing me to the point of losing a shot much. Then again, I was not using the EVF or the LCD most of the time. Capturing on the streets of Chinatown with my thumb on shutter release, I trusted the camera to do it’s job and it did pretty much every time.

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