Hybrid Photography

Next-generation Hybrid Photography evolved from the ability of mirrorless cameras (DSLM) to switch seamlessly between stills and video, and integrate both as video or animation shared through social media. Thanks to the original innovations built into Panasonic LUMIX G Series cameras, anyone can capture images in any format without having to establish special configurations. For professionals, the ability to create slideshows integrating photos, videos and audio are quickly becoming an essential element of their sales kits.

The Approach

Today, a new generation of photographers share their work through print, social media, streaming video, mobile devices, PCs and TV. And as photographers everywhere become more comfortable, creative and adept with this rapidly evolving form of Hybrid Photography, LUMIX G cameras lead the way with in-camera creativity tools and 4K Ultra HD Video capture to help everyone shoot and share amazing photos and videos.

The Articles

The people, trends, and tech changing hybrid photography today.

The Extras

Whichever style of Hybrid Photography or Videography you want to get into, here are several hardware and software suppliers ready to help. Be sure to ask about their specific compatibility with specific LUMIX cameras.