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  3. September 26, 2016

Family Focus: How to Capture Active Kids and Not Miss a Thing

It’s the first of February in upstate New York, and can you believe it’s nearly 60 degrees today? I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m surely not complaining. Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow, but it’s definitely nice to have a little bit of a break.

This morning I had to drop off some things for my kids at their school, and on the way home, my two year old begged me to go to the park. Normally, that’s not something we could do this time of year but who can argue with these temperatures?

As luck would have it, my daughter was wearing her ladybug rain boots, which she wears any time she can, and they were perfect for all of the puddles she was inevitably drawn to. I was so excited to have my Panasonic LUMIX G7 camera with me because all that puddle jumping was so adorable! Normally, I would have a really hard time capturing all the jumping and moving quickly, but with 4K PHOTO Mode, every single second is captured.

She loves her rain boots!

Twirling, jumping, stomping, spinning…I got everything! All I had to do was push start and stop on the shutter button while in 4K PHOTO Mode to record it, and then after it was finished, I could go frame by frame and choose the photos I wanted to save as individual photos. PLUS…I had the video too! Win-win!

What a fun and unexpected morning! And now I’ve got this little sassafrass and all her moves captured forever. LOVE!


* * *

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This is a sponsored post written by SimplyKierste.com on behalf of Panasonic LUMIX. All opinions are 100% her own.


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