Diamonds Dazzle In Nature

This is a picture of our "Crape Myrtle." Sitting on my back-porch a couple weeks ago, it amazed me how gorgeous our yard looked after an ice-storm. The landscape around me, looked like it shimmered with diamonds. I found myself grabbing my Panasonic Lumix Camera and taking various shots of my outdoor surroundings. My camera is a bit aged, the power "on" switch is broken and I have to manually take the battery out and put it back in to turn it on....but, it still takes amazing photos. My Panasonic Camera is my window into the world around me....waiting for me to capture beautiful works of art & memories. This particular photo says to me, "DIAMONDS BEAUTIFY THE WORLD IN MANY WAYS." That day taking pictures, I looked down at my wedding diamond as I snapped away...I felt as though I was in a fairly tale, surrounded in a land of precious gems! LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL IN SO MANY WAYS!!!




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