#LumixLounge Photo Challenge

LUMIX is looking for a range of diverse photographers to crown Honorary Luminary Team Members. Four winners will be selected per challenge – three by our existing Luminary Team Members, the other by popular vote. Put your talents to the test. Enter today to become an Honorary Luminary Team Member.

Current Challenge

Winter Fun

THIS CHALLENGE IS CLOSED. We’ll be announcing the “Winter Fun” winners and posting another photo challenge shortly.

Prizes for This Challenge

Selected by a Luminary Team Member as well as fans, winning photographers could receive a LUMIX GX8, a LUMIX G7 and more.

Previous Winners

Check out our Honorary Luminaries, winners from our previous photo challenge.

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Judging This Challenge

LUMIX Luminary Team Member and widely published professional photographer Rick Gerrity judges the competition.

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Rick Gerrity

A Winter Hike

Took a shot of my friend while on a lovely winter hike.

Driving Adventure

Yellowstone in the winter is the most splendid, glorious place. These snowmobilers were driving in -26 degree temperatures. They have a view of the park that few have. I wanted to capture their brave spirit.


(20 weeks pregnant & so excited for Brayden Jeter to be)


A warm North Carolina Day / The sun glistening through to melt the cold & ice away….

Gore Range from 13,0..

Long hike through 3 feet of snow in Colorado’s high country to capture the Gore Range on a beautiful afternoon. Shot on Lumix GH3 with 35-100mm lens.


snowy day at the barn

Snow Proof

Shooting a reality show in NJ with Lumix GH3 and the Sachtler Ace tripod

Diamonds Dazzle In N..

This is a picture of our “Crape Myrtle.” Sitting on my back-porch a couple weeks ago, it amazed me how gorgeous our yard looked after an ice-storm. The landscape around me, looked like it shimmered with diamonds. I found myself

Laybackin’, Re..

Professional Skier Will Hibbs doing a tail butter through the park at Keystone Resort. Shot on Lumix GH3 with 12-35mm lens.

Taxi in Quebec

Amateur Photographer live in Los Angeles, California , my hobbies is to take beautiful picture all over the world.I am a senior, disabled and a rover.I took this picture in Quebec, Canada during winter December 26, 2015.

Christmas in Mexico

Good weather in Mexico means more fun outdoors during the holidays.The kids and their families could get together and celebrate with many fireworks and makes the night long and beautiful.

Horizontal or Vertic..

Double exposure in digital matched to create a “unreal” reflection.