4K Photography makes it easy for photographers—professionals and beginners alike—to preserve a lifetime of memorable moments at four times the size of Full HD. Capture stunning, cinema-quality videos and stills with superior 4K Ultra HD Photography.

The Approach

The next generation of photographer wants higher quality footage and greater in-camera control over their creativity. With Panasonic LUMIX G series cameras, stunning 4K Ultra HD video capture and in-camera tools like 4K PHOTO Mode make it easy for everyone to shoot and share incredible videos and stills.

Never Miss That Moment

Take control of your creativity. Set the smartphone aside, and never miss THAT MOMENT again.

How To Capture THAT MOMENT With 4K Ultra HD Video and 4K PHOTO Mode:

4K Post Focus

Imagine being able to adjust the focus of each photo after it’s shot. With innovative 4K Post Focus, record 4K video and use the touch screen to select any focus point during playback to adjust the focus of each frame.

4k Focus Stacking

Thanks to 4K Post Focus, photographers who engage in Focus Stacking can easily export each frame from a Post Focus video into Photoshop and select whichframes should remain in focus.

The Articles

See what experts are saying about 4K PHOTO Mode and the Panasonic LUMIX G Series.

The Gear

There’s a 4K Ultra HD camera for everyone. Never miss THAT MOMENT again.